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The TTC Group is a diverse and vibrant organisation, recognised as a leading provider of outsourced contact centre management services, however, its impact is much wider.  The TTC Group is the UK’s leading learning and development company working with public and private sector clients to improve personal and professional knowledge, accountability and responsibility, with TTC’s Cycling and Walking training a key part of this work.

As the UK’s leading cycle training and cycling promotion specialist, TTC delivers nationally accredited cycling and walking programmes and workshops to help to get more children and adults cycling more safely and more often.  TTC believes that it is never too early to start cycling and walking training, beginning with Balanceability cycle training and safe walking practices in early years, as fine motor skills are developed.  Once at school pupils can move on to developing safe cycling practices by taking one of TTC’s Bikeability qualifications and also take part in walking safely to school programmes, as they gain independence.  TTC’s cycle training is not just for school children but also adults, as we deliver valuable cycle training to people who cycle to work.

TTC offers a comprehensive range of cycling and walking programmes for all ages and abilities, however, we also offer dedicated courses for people cycling and walking to work, to ensure they do so safely. Our courses include:

  • Balance and Ride – an accredited learn to cycle programme using lightweight children’s bikes with no pedals or stabilisers – children run along whilst seated and push off the ground to create forward propulsion and dynamic balance;
  • Try Cycling – Programmes designed to provide businesses and organisations with a practical and effective means of getting more people cycling to work or school;
  • Try-Out Cycling Roadshows – offering schools, work commuters and the general public the opportunity to experience on their doorstep the joys of cycling with our exciting and informative try out cycling roadshows.
  • Bikeability and Bikeability Plus training – delivering National Standard Levels 1, 2 and 3 training (Bikeability) to local authorities, companies and individuals. TTC are also an accredited Bikeability and instructor training scheme provider.
  • Cycle Maintenance – delivering advice and guidance on how to keep your bicycle in good condition;
  • Buckle Up – is a Key Stage 2 professional trainer led workshop that aims to remind children of the importance of always wearing a seatbelt;
  • Footsteps – a highly interactive in-class and practical training programme where Year 1 and 2 pupils are taken on a 45 minute road safety walk using the roads near to their school;
  • Smart Walk – a theory and practical pedestrian training programme for Year 3 and 4 pupils that aims to teach children life-saving road safety awareness skills via a mix of in-class discussion and on-road practical training.

We know that cycle and walking training and promotion is only great if it’s simple, smart, fast and widely adopted. That’s why we deliver fun yet effective cycle training and cycling promotion initiatives both in the classroom and outdoors.

If you would like to learn more about TTC’s Balanceability please visit our dedicated website by clicking here or please speak to one of our specialists on 0330 024 1783.

If you would like to learn more about TTC Cycle Experience please visit our dedicated website by clicking here or please speak to one of our specialists on 0330 024 1783.


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